"Walk the Lighter Side of Life"

Motivational Speaker and Entertainer, Barbara E. Sanchez, is a Gastric By-Pass and Crime Prevention Advocate. She captivates audiences from around the world with her uplifting and life-changing speaking engagements.

Be. Before and After

“Be” Engagements founder, Barbara E. Sanchez, has maintained successful weight loss for a decade and has always had an incredibly positive outlook. BE Sanchez changed and with the support of many people she reached her goal. Barbara shares her extremely personal story, humor and methods for recovery in her “Be” Engagements motivational talks.

“Be” Engagements uses Orange to represent a lasting change when we transform ourselves for the better.

BE Strong” no matter what and “BE Creative” is her words of faith and praise to many that hear her story.

“Her presentations will leave you with tears, encouragement, and joy to experience the difficult road and decisions that “BE Sanchez” had to endure. Life threatening moments, sadness, job loss, lack of compassion for medical assistance, and much more. Barbara Sanchez aims to share Emotions, and Educate through BE Engagements!”


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